Links to the interviews in English

Pieter Nooten - I love music as long as its authentic:
Paul Lawler - ARCANE - I'm only human:

Bernd Kistenmacher – I feel like a painter who works with sound colors:

Steve Jolliffe - I really believe everybody should tell their story:

Mario Schönwälder - Byłoby wspaniale móc znów odwiedzić Polskę:

Suzanne Doucet - The most precious moment is always here:

Tim Blake - There is always light at the end of tunnels:
Paul Nagle - The girls of Poland are very beautiful: 

Gert Emmens - My composing be a reflection of my inner feelings:

Wolf Spyra - I compose and install acoustic situations:

Steve Dinsdale - Maybe we’ll visit Europe again:

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